Azure Checklist - High Availability

Azure Cheklist High availability - You want to know how to do it, I will give you some pointers!

<p>Azure Checklist - High Availability</p>

Azure High availbility checklist.  This checklist is helps to determine how to setup your Azure environment to meet the SLA requirements.  Based on this checklist, you should see the best results for running apps in the Azure cloud


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But Really what it comes down to is how much are you willing to invest?  Just like when you leave a light on in your family room or your kitchen, do you really know.  The cloud is very ambiguous on how you are charged, weather it is Microsoft, AWS, Google, Rackspace, or any of the number of large providers.  Do not fool yourself, there will!  and I say there Will! be extra charges you did not expect.  The question becomes how do you deal with this?  


Do you ignore it and hope it will go away, most likely not gonna happen!

The best bet is to face this head on, work with a specialist and figure out how you are going to ddeal with the rising costs, many that can be fought off by you!

Microsoft recently released an extension to the Azure portal that lets you know if you are under-utilizing your servers and actually makes reccomendations on how to save money!.  This is an amazing way to allow the user and IT departments to always be in control, but also allow them to figure out how to make things better while cutting costs.  

At the end of the day, isint the only thing we really want in IT is to provide a service to the company that we work for!

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