Windows 10 - IOT - Grammar Alert Class

Windows 10 IOT core can use a USB microphone on a raspberry pi to send voice commands to the device and programs.
Windows 10 - IOT - Grammar Alert Class

I have been working on Windows 10 IOT since the beginning on the Raspberry PI.  I have found that some touch screen monitors just do not work with the PI.  after I finally convinced my wife to let me put a 24" monitor in our entry way for a home house hub, I ran into some issues.  The extra Dell touch screen monitor I had did not work properly, so I switched it out with a working monitor.  This worked great until I unfortunately dropped it on the tile floor and had to fall back to the other model.  This was a $300 setback.  I still needed to control the monitor, but without touch, what could I fall back to?

Enter voice control.  After playing with project oxford I ended up using the built in voice control for the OS.  It works great now.  Below is the grammar XML file I have used to control the digital calendar.  Over the next few posts I will be putting up how I connected to google calendar, and drew a responsive calendar to the screen. Lastly I will share code on how to trap the events.  For the first step I had to figure out wak up words and phases I wanted.  Below is a sample of what I came up with.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <rule id="root">
    <item> hey calendar </item>
        <tag> out.command = "NEXT"; </tag>   
        <tag> out.command = "LAST"; </tag>
        <tag> out.command = "REFRESH"; </tag>


Last Updated: 7/20/2016 12:00:00 AM