An unexpected power up for Azure called Azure Resource Explorer

In the world of Azure there are many ways to perform the same task, but right now Azure Resource Explorer seems to be a power-up mushroom in the maze of options.  It allows users to quickly and design, execute and template PowerShell scripts.

<p>An unexpected power up for Azure called Azure Resource Explorer</p>

If you are, at all, familiar with Azure and its evolution, you know that it changes quicker than most products by Microsoft and their competitors.  As new features are constantly rolled out and it is hard to keep up with them.  Some features are available in the portal, some in PowerShell, and some are exclusive to either.

Here is your power-up mushroom: Azure Resource Explorer (  This is a tool that is currently in preview but allows you to manage your subscriptions through auto generating JSON and allowing you to post it to the azure servers to perform some very useful functions.  I needed to be able to delete all objects in a resource group and did not want to deal with PowerShell.  A simple google search lead me to this tool that provides the ability to browse the hierarchy of a subscription and perform all actions through a new, powerful GUI.

  1. Browse to
  2. Make sure you are in your correct tenant at the top, assuming you are associated with multiple
  3. I expanded the subscriptions section in the tree
  4. Then the Subscription name
  5. Then resource Groups
  6. Choose the resource group
  7. On the right, you will see a set of tabs for actions, if you choose POST,DELETE, it will allow you to delete all objects in a resource group
  8. Click DELETE and Viola, you are don, all objects gone

One thing to note is that you can delete all objects in that resource group, export the command as a template.  It also allows you to move them to another resource group or and validate that move procedure.

What was described above is merely for resource groups, will work for many functions as you drill down the hierarchy.  Enjoy, and leave a comment or feedback below!

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